Various Branches in Indian Navy

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Info About Various Branches in Indian Navy


General Service

As an Executive General Service Officer, you will be vital part of the complex system that manages ship and also uses ship as an instrument of tactical warfare. The Executive Officers gets opportunities to participate in all facets of naval operations onboard a warship. Hydrographers are trained in specializations such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Navigation, Communications, Gunnery and Diving.


A Hydrographer in Indian Navy is exposed to international professional practices. The Hydrographic Officer operates from highly sophisticated platforms to conduct surveys at sea. The Hydrographic Officer is also involved in producing navigational charts that are of international standards and are used by mariners across the world.


Naval pilots in Naval Air Arm conducts naval aircraft search, locate & attack enemy ships, submarines and aircraft whilst providing a defensive cover to our assets at sea. Naval pilots operate fighter aircraft & helicopters from aircraft carriers & ships at sea as well as maritime reconnaissance aircraft from ashore.


Observer Officers act as an airborne coordinators of maritime warfare. They operate various state-of-the-art equipment including sonics, radars, sonars and communication equipment. As an airborne tactician, Observer Officers fly on board helicopters or fixed wing aircrafts of the Indian Navy.


Logistics Officers are involved in planning, forecasting and execution of the budget and inventory management of spare parts and other items required for day-to-day running of the ships. They are also entrusted with meeting the food and clothing requirements of the personnel of the Indian Navy, which plays a crucial role in maintaining morale. These officers are trained in Inventory Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology.

Naval Armament Inspection (NAIC)

NAI Officers are the specialist Officers responsible for inspection & quality assurance (QA), in-house research & development (R & D), life extensions and life assessment to ensure safety, serviceability and functional reliability of the armaments in the inventory of Indian Navy.

Information Technology

Naval IT set-up is unique since it involves not only shore based establishments but also afloat units, which require to maintain connectivity & synchronized operations. IT Officers in Indian Navy ensure implementation of enterprise-wide networking and software development projects. Their duties also include management of critical naval networks & software applications. Additionally, they are involved in development activities with respect to cyber security products. Also, administration of ashore and afloat networks, cyber security incident response & cyber forensics, are part of duties of Information Technology Officers.

Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

The Indian Navy operates various types of modern aircraft from shore based airfields as well as from ships. Air Traffic Control Officers in the Indian Navy control naval fighter aircraft, maritime reconnaissance aircraft and multi-role helicopters both ashore & afloat.


Judge Advocate General (JAG) department is the legal arm of the Indian Naval Service, professionally contributing to a disciplined force, with targeted legal solutions in the performance of legal and judicial duties. An Officer in this department is expected to render advice & assistance to ships / establishments / units of the Indian Navy, monitoring court cases and also in pursuing litigation in the various courts at various levels.


Officers in this branch, serve as Physical Training Officers at various establishments, to look after carious facets of sports management. These Officers serve at Command Headquarters / Establishments, to nurture and train some of the finest sportsmen of the Navy for various competitions.


Naval Musicians Officers are responsible for conducting the acclaimed Naval Band at the Ceremonies and Symphonic Band Concerts in the India / Abroad.


General Service

Indian Navy is a technology-driven force with its ships, submarines and aircraft fitted with cutting edge equipment. Engineering Officers operate and maintain marine engineering equipment onboard ships / submarines / aircrafts. Additionally, they also work in repair yards and maintenance units, design & production organizations to contribute to indigenous ship-building. Engineering Officers in Indian Navy not only get exposed to wide spectrum of job profiles but also get ample opportunities to undergo technical courses / Post Graduation in the India and abroad.

Naval Architecture

Officers in this branch specialize in warship and submarine construction. These Officer gets exposure to wide spectrum of field which includes design of warships and submarines, overseeing construction of various shipyards, platform trials at sea, quality control and repair & construction of Naval Vessels. In addition, they also get an enriching exposure to current and future technologies.


Electrical Officers in Indian Navy are responsible for maintaining combat readiness of sophisticated missile systems, underwater systems, long range sensors and advance combat management system which employ niche technologies and complex software algorithms. Broadly, Electrical Officers operate & maintain the marine electrical equipment onboard ships / submarines / aircrafts. Electrical Officers also get opportunities to work on warship design and building aspects.


Education Officers provide support towards education, training and professional development of Naval Personnel. A key determinant for outcome of any mission is the training imparted to officers and men. Accordingly, Education Officers play a major role and are responsible for scientific and methodical instructions including theoretical aspects of technical subjects of all branches of Indian Navy and for general educational advancement of its personnel.


Officers in the Medical branch of the Indian Navy are part of Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS). These Officers in Indian Navy get an opportunity to learn and practice military medicine. Medical Officers look after the health of the men in uniform and their families both during peace and war. Medical Officers can be employed in the Indian Army, Navy or Air Force in any part of the country or world.

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