Branches in Indian Air Force

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Overview of Branches in Indian Air Force

Flying Branch

Officers in flying branch of the Indian Air Force surely fly high. They are trained as fighter pilot or a helicopter pilot or a transport pilot and are part of various peace and wartime missions. Officers in the flying branch of the Indian Air Force are thus employed in any of the sub-branches, of flying branch, which are Fighters, Transports & Helicopters.

Ground Duty (Technical) Branches

Officers in Ground Duty (Technical) Branch are employed in either of the sub-branches, Ground Duty (Technical) Branch, which are Mechanical Branch & Electrical Branch. Officers in Ground Duty (Technical) Branch propel and manage team to ensure that Indian Air Force remains airworthy. They are in-charge of some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world while working in one of the sub-branches i.e. Mechanical or Electronics.

Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branches

Managing human and material resources, the Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branch is the mechanism that steers the Indian Air Force. Officers in the Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branch work in any of sub-branches, of Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branch, which includes Administration sub-branch, Accounts sub-branch, Logistics sub-branch, Meteorology sub-branch and Education sub-branch.


An Officer in Administration Branch is responsible for efficient management of both human & material resources. Some of the officers of the administration branch are selected & trained to carry out duties of Air Traffic Controller and Fighter Controller. Air Traffic Controller job involves maintaining an orderly flow of traffic and airspace management. Fighter Controller performs the job of directing fighter aircraft and weapon systems against enemy in various Air Operations while ensuring Air Defence of the nation using Radar Networks.


Accounts Officer is responsible for efficient financial management of funds. Accounts Officer also act as an internal auditor to ensure a zero-deficit audit from outside agencies.


Logistics Officer is responsible for materials management of all Air Force resources. Logistics Officer ensures efficient supervision of inventories and is involved in procurement processes of various ranges of equipment.


A Meteorology Officer is involved in handling the latest satellite imagery and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Also, Meteorology Officer renders specific advice to the operators on all aspects of weather.

Entry Schemes, Different Branches, Equivalent Ranks, Pay and Allowances

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