Indian Army, Navy, Airforce

Indian Army, Navy, Airforce

Know About Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

Indian Army

Indian Army is mandated to safeguard National Interests from External Aggression and Internal Subversion. Some of the important tasks of Indian Army include war fighting to meet external aggression and internal security management to include internal threats. Also, force projection and peace keeping operations or military assistance to friendly foreign countries are amongst the important tasks of the Indian Army. Additionally Indian Army renders humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and aid to civil authorities.

Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is a well balanced and cohesive three-dimentional force, capable of operating above, on & under the surface of the oceans, efficiently safeguarding our national interests. India has a coastline of about 7500 km and an exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over 2 million sq kms. In addition, we are endowed with abundant oceanic wealth comprising a large number of island territories and vast sea bed area, over 97% of our national trades is carried by sea routes! Indian Navy therefore plays a key role in safeguarding our national interests.

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force aims to overwhelm the adversaries with application of aerospace power in defence of the nation. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm and a crucial organ of the Indian armed forces which plays a vital role in the wars fought by the country. Its primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and conduct aerial activities during armed conflicts within nations. The Indian Air Force not only safeguards Indian territory and national interests from all threats but also provides support during natural calamities in the country.

Join Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, as an Officer

Army – Career As An Officer

An officer in the Indian Army inherits glorious heritage and timeless traditions, blended perfectly with the latest technology in the fields of management, engineering and medical sciences. It offers a golden opportunity to get trained to be an Officer and be a part of the world’s finest Army. The Indian Army promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. Opportunities to upgrade through various courses are abundant.

The adventure and extra-curricular activities in the Army ensure an all round development essential in today’s world. An opportunity is even provided to upgrade your civil qualification by availing two years paid study leave. Art of War, Engineering, Medicine, Administration, Human Resource Development and Management. The army teaches you all, moulding the officers into leaders capable of leading from the front in any field. Joining the Army is possible both after school as well as after graduation.

Apart from attractive pay and perks, Army offers you the best in Life Style, even better than all other professions. Be it the social interaction, finest clubs, golf courses, medical facilities and ample opportunities to indulge in adventure and sports, Army has it all. In fact you are paid to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment. Facilities like subsidized housing, free medical for self & family, canteen facilities, group insurance cover, soft loans for house and/or vehicle and above all the feeling of belonging to a family (Army) which cares for you, are the perks which no other organization provides.

Navy – Career As An Officer

The greatest attraction of a career in the Indian Navy is the variety of opportunities that make your career challenging. You can face the challenges and develop methods to exploit your full potential. Work in the Indian Navy offers you a chance to grow as a professional, by learning new skills and acquiring unrivalled experience in the process of applying those skills.

In the Indian Navy, you’ll find there’s much more to be gained than a regular salary. In fact, the experience that you gain in the Navy can help you shape your future, through adequate financial benefits, unparalleled careers potential, and personal growth that you’ve been waiting for. Think about it. As long as you have the drive to make a difference in the world and in your own life, there will be a place for you in the Indian Navy. You can develop valuable skills and build a secure future.

If you are starting your career with zero professional experience or seeking to enhance your current skill-set and education, the Navy is a sure way to take your career to the next level. A career in the Navy will provide ample opportunities to be able to prove your leadership skills. As your career progresses upwards, you’ll find yourself shouldering greater responsibilities of managing larger and more complex teams and equipment. You will contribute to the safety and success of those around you. With time, you will hone the skills you need to motivate, train and communicate effectively.

Air Force – Career As An Officer

As an officer in the Indian Air Force, the sky is the limit for you. Depending on your qualifications, you could join one of the various branches in the IAF. When you join to become an Air Force Officer, you develop your leadership and management skills, preparing you fully to take on the challenge of leading in real life situations. Lessons in team work, developing communication skills and confidence, honing strategic and dynamic thinking and preparing you to face pressures with ease are grilled into an Officer during his training. An officer’s strength of character and strong moral compass make him/her stand out from the crowd at all times. As an Officer in the Indian Air Force, you will inherit a glorious heritage and timeless traditions of the IAF, blended perfectly with the latest technology as well as you will strategise, lead and manage.

Entry Schemes, Different Branches, Equivalent Ranks, Pay and Allowances, in Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

Entry Schemes

Know about Entry Schemes for SSB to join Indian Army, Navy & Air Force.

Branches in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force

See details about main branches of Indian Army, info on various branches in Indian Navy and branches in Indian Air Force.

Equivalent Ranks, Pay and Allowances

Read about equivalent ranks, pay and allowances in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force.

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SSB Coaching

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