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Unique & Best Defence Exams Coaching Centre in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (M.P), India, providing NDA Coaching, SSB Coaching and CDS Study Material, to become an Officer in Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Airforce.

About Us

Star Angel Coaching provides NDA Coaching, SSB Coaching and CDS Study Material, for NDA written exam preparation, SSB interview preparation and CDS written exam preparation, respectively, to join Indian Army / Indian Navy / Indian Airforce, as an Officer. Star Angel Coaching is unique and different from other Coaching Centres or Institutes because our conduct of coaching comprises of technology based audio-visual aided learning, simulated mock tests & practical training on simulated models. Also, well researched comprehensive content of coaching & study material, provided to students, for SSB, CDS & NDA preparation, differentiates us from others.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision of Star Angel Coaching

To achieve unprecedented standards & selection results, thus enabling the young generation to fulfill their dream to join Indian Army / Indian Navy / Indian Air Force, as an Officer (Class I – Gazetted).

Mission of Star Angel Coaching

The mission of Star Angel Coaching is to make the career of students in Indian Army / Indian Navy / Indian Air Force, as an Officer (Class I – Gazetted). We do this through our core values, professionalism and commitment, in providing right guidance, differentiated coaching and mentoring, as for us “Its Not Just A Business”.

Why Choose Us?

Aspects That Make Star Angel Coaching Unique

Our all coaching courses, nda coaching and ssb coaching, are conducted by well experienced ex-army officer(s) having distinguished expertise in their respective field(s). Also, we use differentiated, practical & an innovative methodology of coaching. Our Coaching methodology is based on well researched psychological patterns of learning and detailed analysis of the exam’s pattern. We not only give honest feedback, but also the regular guidance to our students to help them work upon their areas of improvement. Additionally, we conduct regular counselling sessions for all students of nda coaching & ssb coaching. Basically, we live our core values “STARS” which stands for Sincere, Trustworthy, Authentic, Responsible, Simplicity, to make career of our students in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Another key point is that our professionalism and our commitment, in delivering nda coaching & ssb coaching as well as in providing CDS study material, make us a Coaching Centre of high reputation. We are known for providing both 100% satisfaction and after coaching support to our students. As a matter of fact, at our Coaching Centre, students get conducive environment for learning because our students are chosen by us and only deserving students gets the chance to get coaching at Star Angel Coaching. All things considered, we have highest selection rate in defense exams i.e. NDA Exam, CDS Exam and SSB Interview.

Above all, our classrooms have best-in-class facilities to enable coaching through technology based audio-visual aids & simulated models. Also, our location makes us easily accessible to students from all locations because we are located in the center of the city in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, thus making it convenient for all students to reach our Coaching Centre.

Lastly, one of the important factors that make us unique is that Shraddha Mishra, Ex Indian Army ‘Major’ and an ‘Operational Paratrooper’, is the Founder & Director of Star Angel Coaching.

Maj Shraddha, Owner Star Angel Coaching

Our Core Values – “STARS”






Our Services

NDA Coaching

NDA Coaching, in Indore, provided by Star Angel Coaching is for one year to ensure comprehensive coverage of NDA Exam Syllabus. NDA Coaching in Indore, at Star Angel Coaching starts in June / July, every year. Also, support & guidance for NDA Preparation is given to students till they appear in the NDA exam.

SSB Coaching

SSB Coaching, in Indore, provided by star Angel Coaching is for 15 days and is the best SSB Coaching in Indore, M.P, India. Students are advised to take coaching well before their SSB Interview dates so that they get adequate time not only to prepare for SSB Interview but also to work upon their areas of improvement.

CDS Study Material

CDS Study Material provided by Star Angel Coaching has been prepared as per the latest pattern of CDS exam & CDS Exam Syllabus.

Register for Our Services

To register for NDA Coaching or SSB Coaching or to purchase CDS Study Material , to become an Officer in Indian Army / Indian Navy / Indian Air Force, call 7024439749


Reviews of Students of Star Angel Coaching

NDA Coaching in Indore, provided by Star Angel Coaching, is best & unique because in NDA Coaching Course all subjects are taught from basic concepts which helps in scoring good marks in the NDA Exam. Also, their study material / notes given with NDA Coaching are best !. Right from the beginning students are guided on importance of good English Communication in nda ssb and therefore all classes of nda coaching in Indore are only in English medium, which helps to improve English also along with NDA Exam Preparation. Maj Shraddha Ma’am is the best guide & mentor! I have met. Thanks! Ma’am.

Mohit Tiwari

Best Coaching in Indore for NDA coaching, SSB coaching and CDS study Material is Star Angel Coaching as they are professional and possess requisite expertise to provide coaching for NDA Exam and SSB Interview as well as study material for CDS Exam. Star Angel Coaching is genuine Coaching Centre in Indore providing NDA coaching, SSB coaching and CDS Study Material because it focuses on all aspects of defense exams preparation including enhancing English Communication which is very important for those preparing for nda & cds as one has to pass ssb interview (which requires good English communication skills) after NDA & CDS exam.

Arpita Chauhan

SSB Coaching in Indore, provided by Star Angel Coaching is very different from other coaching institutes, as Star Angel Coaching is the best SSB Coaching Centre in Indore as it is professional and gives authenticated guidance to its students. Whether you want to prepare for nda ssb or cds ssb or ssb interview for other entries, you must join Star Angel Coaching as here all stages of ssb tests are covered in detail and genuine guidance is given for ssb tests preparation.

Surendra Singh

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Who Can Join Us? / Whom We Choose?

Criteria / Eligibility To Join Star Angel Coaching

Student(s) / candidate(s) must be passionate about joining Indian Army / Indian Navy / Indian Airforce, as an Officer. Also, all our notes / study material and our coaching classes are in English Medium only, thus candidate(s) must be able to read, write & speak in English. Another key point is that the candidates(s) must have scored more than 60% in school / college. Also, candidates(s) must have sense of responsibility towards himself / herself and his / her desired career. All things considered, candidates(s) must be hardworking and must possess above average intelligence and IQ, including practical intelligence & common sense.

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