Equivalent Ranks, Pay and Allowances

Equivalent Ranks and Insignia of Ranks in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force

Equivalent Officer Ranks in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
Insignia of officer ranks in Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Air Force.

Army Ranks

Indian Army Officer ranks in the ascending order are Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General, Lieutenant General and General.

Navy Ranks

Officer Ranks in Indian Navy in ascending order are Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral and Admiral.

Air Force Ranks

In the ascending order, Officer ranks in Indian Air Force are Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, Air Commodore, Air Vice Marshal and Air Chief Marshal.

Promotional Avenues in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force

Promotional Avenues - Promotion to different officer ranks in Indian Army, Indian Navy & Air Force.

Pay and Allowances in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force

Even before a candidate is commissioned as an Officer in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force, he / she starts earning a monthly stipend per month, as applicable at different training institutions (NDA / IMA / AFA / INA / OTA). After getting commissioned as an Officer in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force, one gets fixed pay per month with the rank of Lieutenant / Sub Lieutenant / Flying Officer, as applicable at the time of Commission and subsequently during the tenure of service. Also, an Officer gets fixed allowances, variable pay / other allowances and many other benefits. As one grows in rank and stature in the Indian Army / Navy / Airforce, fixed pay and allowances as well as other benefits also increase accordingly.

Fixed Allowances

An Officer also get fixed allowances apart from Fixed Pay, as mentioned above. Some of the fixed allowances are Military Service Pay (MSP), Uniform Allowance and Dearness Allowance (DA) (admissible at the same rate & under same conditions, as are applicable to civilian personnel from time to time). Additionally, Officers also get free ration in peace & field areas, transport allowance etc.

Variable Pay / Other Allowances

Variable pay / other allowances based on various factors of employment like place of posting (peace/ field/ high altitude), branch / field, responsibilities entrusted etc., are also earned by an Officer while serving in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force. Some of the Variable Pay / other allowances are technical allowance, field area allowances (highly active field area/field area/modified field area), high altitude allowance, counter insurgency (CI) allowance (CI in peace area/ field area / modified field area), Siachen allowance etc. Also, those in flying branch (of Indian Army/ Navy/ Airforce) get flying allowance and Paratroopers get additional allowances like para allowance, para reserve allowance, special forces allowance, para jump instructor allowance etc.

Other Benefits

An Officer, in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force, gets gets many other benefits, apart from fixed and variable pay / other allowances. Some of these benefits are Insurance Cover, Loan Facility, Medical Facilities, Accommodation, Leave Travel Concessions, Recreational Facilities, Sports Facilities and Canteen (CSD) Facilities. Also, an Officer gets benefits such as Rail & Air Travel Concessions, School Facilities, 60 days annual leave & 20 days casual leave (admissible in accordance with rules in force from time to time) etc. Additionally, an Officer not only gets Skills enhancement opportunities but also chance to pursue higher education while serving in Indian Army / Navy / Air Force.

Entry Schemes and Branches in Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

Entry Schemes

Know about Entry Schemes for SSB to join Indian Army, Navy & Air Force.

Branches in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force

See details about main branches of Indian Army, info on various branches in Indian Navy and branches in Indian Air Force.

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