Main Branches in Indian Army

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Details of Main Branches in Indian Army

Armoured Corps

Successor to the erstwhile cavalry continues to be founded on moral strength & martial spirit, focusing on future challenges. At the core lies the enduring principles of the fire power & shock action, the application of which will always have a most devastating effect on enemy.

Infantry Corps

Infantry is the prime arm of Indian Army and its core strength. The least spectacular of all arms, but without which you can do nothing, “nothing at all”. True to these words, Infantry has been the foremost fighting arm from the days of yore. History is testimony to the fact that the ultimate victory in any war is decided by the infantry. Also, It is the infantry which pushes the enemy out of his bunker & forces him to accept defeat.

Additionally, To protect Nation’s Integrity & Sovereignty, the Indian Frontiers remain in the hands of the Infantry. They are the one excellently doing their job from straggling high altitudes of the Siachen Glacier, the impregnable jungles of the north-east to the scorching heat of the desert. Besides, the world over in various United Nations peace-keeping operations, our infantry has not only earned tremendous good-will but also carved a niche for itself & India.


This arm of Indian Army can face any contingency which may evolve in flexible fire plan. They ensure to provide fire-power for all eventualities, where-ever required, in whichever form, with their professional attitude, work ethics and training regimen. The Gunners exude confidence and infuse the same among others.

Army Aviation

The youngest corps in the Indian Army, is an amalgamation of diverse influence & traditions of the ‘Aviation’ and the ‘Army’. Army Aviation’s ceaseless operational involvement across diverse terrains, in contrasting weather & climatic conditions in a variety of difficult situations, make them indispensable. Army Aviation not only requires enormous reserves of physical & mental stamina but also high level of moral stamina. Besides, Army Aviation corps have done innumerable missions for which they have earned many accolades.

Army Air Defence

The Corps of Army Air Defence, though a nascent arm, has evolved into a highly professional and modern arm of Indian Army. The personnel of Corps of Army Air Defence perform their duty with speed and flexibility, with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. In the contemporary battlefield characterized by versatile aircraft, flying at speed well beyond that of sound, those in Army Air Defence have to be capable of real time monitoring & rapid decision making. The Corps of Army Air Defence is always “First in Last Out” in the gamut of operations and attacking the enemy’s critical assets. Additionally, Army Air Defence provides cover to vital assets of strategic importance and to critical assets of field forces.

EME (Electronics & Mechanical Engineers) Corps

The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), popularly called as Eagles, provides integrated engineering support to the entire range & depth of Army’s equipment, be it vehicles, tanks, telecommunication devices, computers, radars or any other conceivable equipment of the Army. Mostly, wars involve the employment of a great deal of modern & sophisticated equipment and EME plays a major role in not only assisting Army’s operational preparedness status but also combat effectiveness to win any war. Also, it ensures operational fitness of the entire range of equipment. Besides, it also spearheads the management of technology transition for advancing the force modernization.

Signals Corps

The Corps of Signals is responsible not only to provide, deploy and leverage the strength of communication networks but also ensure cyber security, both during peace and war. The vast information Communication & Technology (ICT) infrastructure created by Signals brings about the necessary synergy amongst various arms / services by providing voice, video and data connectivity to various units & formations.

Engineers Corps

The ‘sappers’ (as the Engineers are commonly known) are adept at a wide variety of important operational tasks ranging from minefield laying & clearing, bridging, road construction, handling explosives etc. Mobility & counter-mobility are some of the important aspects of warfare in which the Engineers play a major role.

Mechanised Infantry

The Mechanised Infantry is the youngest regiment of the Indian Army and fulfills the requirement of common battle and training philosophy of Mechanised Warfare, equipped with Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs). Also, Mechanised Infantry specializes in amphibious heliborne and airborne operations.

AOC (Army Ordnance Corps)

Army Ordnance Corps (AOC) ensures the fighting troops receive intimate and state-of-the-art support on the battlefield. With automation and modern material management techniques, Army Ordnance Corps ensures that the required wherewithal is delivered at the right time, right place and in the right quantity.

ASC (Army Service Corps)

“War is the first and foremost a matter of movement; in the second place, a matter of supply and in the third place, a matter of destruction”. This quote aptly describes the function of the Army Service Corps. This is the Corps, which moves and sustains everything that is required for warfare i.e. from a soldier to any kind of equipment, big or small. Additionally, ASC ensures flawless logistics support to match up with operational plans.

Rastriya Rifles

Rastriya Rifles is a specialist elite force raised in 1990 to combat insurgency in the country and is premier counter insurgency force of the Indian Army. The Rastriya Rifles is an excellent classical example of olive green integration with its rank & file drawn from all arms and services. Its efficacy is reflected in its phenomenal operational success which is the result of stringent selection process, training, enhanced mobility, surveillance, fire-power and protection capabilities of Rastriya Rifles.

AMC (Army Medical Corps)

The Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) is a inter-service integration wherein all the three services (Army, Navy, Air Force) jointly provide quality medical care and treatment, both in war and peacetime. The Corps has some of the highest qualified super-specialist, specialists and medical officers in all branches of medicine.

Pioneer Corps

Pioneer Corps units provide disciplined and well trained manpower, where civilian labor is either not available or its employment is not desirable for reasons of security. Pioneer units are mostly committed in forward and operational areas. Pioneers support the operations of all arms and services, both in war and peace.

Army Dental Corps

Army Dental Corps is a family of dedicated professionals committed to maintaining dental health of Armed Forces Officers, personnel and their families which in turn contributes to optimum force utilization.

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